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Onomea Falls

This is another one of hidden gems of Hawaii Island, Onomea Falls located inside Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens in Onomea. A private garden that is open daily to the public and allows guest to explore the many exotic plants that lie within the gardens and also a few beautiful waterfalls that run through the gardens and into Onomea Bay on the bottom side of the gardens. One waterfall that really caught my attention was Onomea Falls in particular. It's a cascading waterfall of multiple steps or levels that is one of the most spectacular sites to take family photos or just the perfect selfie to top of great trip on the Island of Hawaii. The platform makes it even better for guest to see the just the size of the waterfalls and make it one of the many places guest spend at least 30 mins or more at enjoying that spectacular view.

If you have a chance while on Hawaii Island, check out Hawaii Botanical Gardens in Onomea and see of the most talked about waterfalls on Hawaii Island and photographer hot spot. Also, support the local gift shop as very dollar spent in the gift shop goes right back to the gardens to help preserve and maintain the grounds of which makes it one of the most unique places on Hawaii island.

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