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Waihilau Falls

Waihilau Falls in Waimanu Valley

Along the North Kohala coast is the beautiful undisturbed sections of the island, the lust Waipio, Waimanu, and Polulu Valleys. One valley in particular holds one of the most beautiful waterfall and also one of tallest in Hawaii and the United States.

Deep in Waimanu Valley lies Waihilau Falls (or better known as Key hole waterfall as it's shape in way of a key hole, hence the name). This 2600 ft waterfall is the tallest on Hawaii Island and only real way to see this waterfall is by helicopter (tour or charter). Some adventurers have attempted the hike and later learned the many obstacles that lie in front this falls from the valley floor. From deep freshwater swamps to rugged terrain, only few people have really seen the size of Waihilau Falls from the ground and while most view it by air.

This waterfall, is among many waterfalls that I have captured and rates as one of the top 10 on my list to see while on the island.

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