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Waianuenue Falls (Rainbow Falls)

Wainuenue Falls or more commonly known as Rainbow Falls, is one of the most popular waterfalls on Hawaii Island and just outside of Hilo. One of also the many falls that run along the length of the Wailuku River, Rainbow falls gets its name from the the rainbow that cast down from the falls on a sunny day. If you are lucky, a few people are able to get a glimpse of this beautiful site, as sunny days are very rare and uncommon to occur in Hilo.

Hilo is known as the wettest city in the United States receiving over 125 inches on an average year and rains on average 273 days every year. It's very rare for Rainbow Falls to stop flowing due to no raining and it has only happened a few times in recorded history.

As much as the sight of a waterfall wants to make someone dive in, there has been many incidents where individuals took that risk and ignored signs/warnings about the dangers of swimming or jumping over the falls and suffered serious bodily injuries or cost them their life. Over the years, many people took that chance and a few only have lived to tell the stories of survival and why it's not worth the risk.

So if you decide to visit Rainbow Falls, please follow all warning signs and enjoy the view from a safety distance, it's not worth risking your life for it.

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